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Doom Insecticide – “Dancing” TVC

Adcock Ingram Doom Insecticide – “Dancing” TVC, 2005, South Africa.
Creative Director: Paul Warner, Art Director: Sebastian Lembke, Copywriter: Konstant van Huyssteen, Director: Pete Pohorsky, Agency TBWA\Hunt Lascaris, Johannesburg, South Africa.

South Africa has an impressive record of producing TV Ads that win international awards. Often based on an insight with lots of humor and entertainment.

DOOM dancing is no exception. The internationally acknowledged ad won awards both in South Africa and abroad. The creative was based on the insight that it’s embarrassing to have a cockroach in your home, especially if you have guests. A perception of a dirty home is something everybody wants to avoid.

According to us, the success of a Television Ad is measured by how well we remembered the ads content, no matter how long ago it was last watched. DOOM dancing still holds a legacy in South Africa with people imitating the duos dance performance. The ad is as much talked about now as it was then.

TVC – Doom Insecticide – “Dancing”