Sebastian Lembke Creative

Creative Director (art & copy based) with 20 years of experience in Europe, Asia and Africa. I believe my strength is strategic creative thinking.



BMW South Africa ”Investor In People” campaign. Art Director Sebastian Lembke, TBWA/Hunt Lascaris, Johannesburg, South Africa. 2006.

BMW has had a local presence in South Africa since BMW South Africa became the group’s first production facility outside of Germany in 1975.  South Africa is now as much a part of BMW as BMW is a part of South Africa. Their commitment to look after people with staff trainings and developments earned them yet another Investor In People International Accreditation.

By showing off the Accreditation our campaign managed to build an even stronger sense of pride within the group. Additionally, we reached our goal to boost interest in working for BMW South Africa, which was shown by the 21% increase in applications.