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Adidas Women Campaign “Sport is fun”

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Adidas Women Campaign “Sport is fun” 2007, Asia & Asia-Pacific. Creative Director: Sebastian Lembke, Art Director: Sebastian Lembke, Copywriter: Nkanyezi Masango, Agency: TBWA, Hong Kong.

At the time, Adidas had not yet prioritized women’s collections in Asia. In the area of women’s sportswear, Adidas lacked both credibility and recognition. Adidas Women wanted to grow and increase sales in Asia and needed a campaign to do so.

The idea behind the campaign ”Sport is fun” was based on the insight that for our female asian consumers working out was more of a social activity where being with friends, having fun and looking confident was highlighted more than staying fit.

Our campaign managed to increase sales by 23% and Adidas Women narrowed it’s gap to Nike and now had a bigger market share in Asia, making it one of Adidas Womens most important markets.